My name is M. I lived at home when I was young and then we moved to a new house in a new country. It was then that the economic problems started. My sister had to find work. She found a job in a restaurant, which is near our house. I went to school, at noon I came back home. I did not like school and the teachers and the students were not nice to me. One day I went to my sister’s job in the restaurant to help her with work. After school, I would go to the restaurant and work with my sister.

My mother and I began to fight. We fought about me wanting to stay with the lady in the restaurant because I felt happier being with the woman in the shop than my mother. My mother would give me just bread to eat but with the woman at restaurant, I ate and had food, any food I wanted. When my mother went shopping for food, she hid it from me and my sister under her chair or in her bedroom. She wanted to keep me in the house so I couldn’t go out. I waited until she was asleep and snuck out.

My sister had to get more money for my mother and my mother said that she must work in a bar. When my sister come home and had no money my mother got very angry. She hit my sister on the head. She made my sister clean the house. One day, my mother was angry and threw the oil from the potatoes onto the floor along with her ashtray and my sister she had to clean it up. Whenever my sister didn’t bring money my mother would hit her on the head with a spoon and make her bleed. Sometime she burned her with matches. My mother told us that we must go out into the streets and get money from cars but only sometimes we got money from it. My sister and I would dance in the road.

Me and my sister did not like the things my mother did. One day we ran to the lady in restaurant to get away. My mother ran after us down the road but we were quicker than her. Slowly the woman became our friend. We started saying to her what happened in our house with my mother. My sister and were talking to the woman about my mother for a long time.

One day the woman from restaurant thought that she can help us. This day she told her priest that we have problems with our mother and this priest told us that he would help us. In the afternoon he told us not go home and we didn’t. My sister and I were sleeping in our friend’s house for some days until we had a meeting with two women from Freedom Dolls in the church and talked about what was happening in our house with our mother. After some days we had to move to another town from where we lived to a new home. My sister and I are good without problems. We have our own house now. My mother now is in another country far away I no longer see her. I do not want to see my mother again as I like my new life.

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