Book Review The Essential Abolitionist, What you need to know about human trafficking & Modern Slavery by John Vanek

John Vanek’s book ‘The Essential Abolitionist What you need to know about human trafficking & Modern Slavery’ is a refreshing perspective on human trafficking. From a law enforcement background, he is able to highlights aspects of trafficking that the average NGO or academic does not cover as their experience is limited.

Mr Vanek has worked with academics and has shown insightfulness by coining the term MANGO – Mobilization/Advocacy, Non-Governmental Organization, as well as separating organisations that, although fight for the eradication of trafficking either nationally or globally, have little or nothing to do with the victims.

FDi was pleased to read that the question How Many slaves are there? Was answered with ‘all we have are estimates’. Too many books and papers quote figures that they have not been able to verify. The information given regarding the statistics covers information within the United States rather than on a global level, however, when breaking down the issue of how many people are trafficked a global perspective is given.

This book is an easy read, accessible to the general public to learn about human trafficking, as well as useful to academics who need to cite up to date information and data. FDi recommends anyone who is interested in this subject to read this book. There are not to many professionals writing on the subject and it is refreshing to find one that can offer the right information within an easy read might help many people save lives.

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