About Us

Trafficking.Today is a news portal and magazine published by Freedom Dolls Initiative (FDi)


TRAFFICKING.TODAY is aimed to improve the awareness of the general public, business leaders and decision makers in Cyprus and abroad with regards to Human Trafficking and (Sexual) Exploitation. TRAFFICKING.TODAY will keep you up to date with developments around the world about Human Trafficking. With the magazine that is published every two months, our take is to create a magazine that can be viewed by anyone without any prior knowledge about this subject. Furthermore TRAFFICKING.TODAY does not use graphic or violent text or images in order to be suitable for a younger or more sensitive audience as an educational tool.

Every magazine issue includes a highlight on a specific geographical region, as well as an associated social issue prominent in the region, the updates from around the globe, interviews, helpful information about Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation, upcoming events, experiences written by victims, contributor stories, as well as in depth reports.